Reykjavik, Iceland Airwaves 17

The Iceland Airwaves Music Festival is one unique festival along the planet which differs from others by the number of artists and venues and also by the way it includes the residents of Reykjavik. Those things could be seen in a concert of Asgeir in a retirement house or that besides all the official shows that there was a massive list of off-venue gigs where you could listen to music without paying money.

The biggest official venues where the concert-house Harpa-Eldborg, concert hall Gamla Bíó, the Reykjavik Art Musem and the Frikirkjan church.

Best off-venue gigs took place at the KEX-Hostel, where shows from Gus Gus, Soley, JFDR and Emiliana Torrini and The Colorist had been streamed by the Seattle based Radiostation KEXP. Iceland is well known for its pioneer role in gender equality and therefore it isn’t surprising that many Artists where women and that the Iceland Airwaves is a participant of the keychange foundation which empowers women to transform the music industry.

It was a wonderful time. Enjoy the pictures.

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