Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, it was not so easy to travel. The situation eased in summer, so I took the chance and flew to Madeira. For good reasons, Maderia is often called the Hawaii of Europe. Our first trip went directly to the highest elevation (1862m), to Pico Ruivo, from where we could enjoy a beautiful view of towns, the sea and the landscape. Every bead of sweat was worth it. The first days we spent in the Santana region, in the northeast of the island, with hikes such as the Levada Caldeirao Verde. 

We then spent the 2nd part of the trip in the southwest of the island. Here there are some great levada hikes, which you should not miss. But also the Vereda do Fanal with the beautiful fairy forest is worth a hike, especially when it is foggy. At the end of our trip we spent some time in the natural swimming pools of Porto Moniz.

High Tatras

What could I do with the last 3 days off this year? A short trip somewhere, of course! Nicole, who accompanied me also to California, was again with me, and we had two options in our mind - seaside or mountains. We decided to travel to the Mountains, more precisely the High Tatras in Poland. We went to Zakopane, where we had a beautiful Airbnb at a house called Ornak. From there, we started our hikes to Czarny Star-Morskie Oko and to Jaskania Mylna. In total, that made 45km in 2 days - but it was worth it.  

“antlesssummer” gathering

Once a year, we’re having an international photo gathering, and it’s always a great time. This year it took place in Lenzen, Germany - which is a roughly two-hour drive from Berlin. We spend our time with some yoga sessions, listing to the hottest 80s tracks and at the lakeside.
Here are some portrait photos of Clara, Isabella, Maren, and Rebecca. 

To be honest with every year, I’m less ambitious in taking staged photos because jumping in the lake or doing nothing seems, in the same way, fulfilling to me. May you can understand. 

A Summer’s Tale 19

AST third time in a row. Thanks to FKP Scorpio for being able to do two things I love at the same time - taking photos and listen to music. The AST is a calm and family-friendly festival with different workshops, readings, and music from soul to punk. It’s like a holiday for me. In the next year, the AST will have a one year break, and I’m curious if and how it will come back. Best Artists 2019: Suede, Michael Kiwanuka, Xavier Rudd.
Music is love that never fades away.  


When Chris and Betty moved to California, I promised them a visit. Roughly one year later, I was glad to keep my promise.

Together with Nicole, which is a great friend of mine, we organized an unnecessary large RV for the road trip. What were we meant to do? It was the cheapest.

Time flew way too fast, and I felt like a child during our daily trips. Discovering the surroundings, collecting impressions, and sharing time at firepits made me not wanna go home.

During our 3.500 km trip, we visited the Nationalparks Yosemite and Lassen, the Humboldt Redwood State Park, Lake Tahoe (not recommended), Silver Lake (highly recommended), Travertine Hot Springs, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz. Thanks to our American Krauts, we hardly had to spare thoughts on difficulties.

What a wonderful time!

“provinz2019” gathering

It was time again to meet up with old friends and new people. The gathering took place in Dragun, next to Schwerin, in a big house surrounded by nature, with super calm human beings, delicious meals, good music, laughter lines and in the end, some more portraits in my pocket.

Exactly what I needed!

BTS - to keep some moments in mind

Reykjavik, Iceland Airwaves 17

The Iceland Airwaves Music Festival is one unique festival along the planet which differs from others by the number of artists and venues and also by the way it includes the residents of Reykjavik. Those things could be seen in a concert of Asgeir in a retirement house or that besides all the official shows that there was a massive list of off-venue gigs where you could listen to music without paying money.

The biggest official venues where the concert-house Harpa-Eldborg, concert hall Gamla Bíó, the Reykjavik Art Musem and the Frikirkjan church.

Best off-venue gigs took place at the KEX-Hostel, where shows from Gus Gus, Soley, JFDR and Emiliana Torrini and The Colorist had been streamed by the Seattle based Radiostation KEXP. Iceland is well known for its pioneer role in gender equality and therefore it isn’t surprising that many Artists where women and that the Iceland Airwaves is a participant of the keychange foundation which empowers women to transform the music industry.

It was a wonderful time. Enjoy the pictures.

East Tyrol, Austria

A packed House, full lovers of photography. How could I say no? I couldn’t.

We met each other in a mountain hut close to Matrei, and it’s as always lovely to meet some new faces beside the well-known ones. Some would feel some pressure being productive at those gatherings, but for me, it isn’t that important - isn’t it all about having some quality time with others? No matter, what you do? That makes me thinking about Julez who wasn’t a photography geek but an excellent chef for the days. Or Guti, who was a dog and used us as a bed with massage function.

Behind the scenes Pictures:

Thanks to all, which are taking part at those gatherings and especially
the people which are organizing them to make them happen again and


During my last business trip to China, I could visit different places like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and of course Shenyang, because Shenyang was the place where I stayed most of the time.

But, as so often I wanted to shoot more pictures and reserve more time for photography - I failed this time. Ok, I’ll try better next time.

When I was back in Germany, I started to compare the digital to the analog photographs, and I felt this time that the analog pictures containing much more close- and truthfulness. That’s why I’ll use even more the old cameras in the future.       

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